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100+ Manuka Honey

Taste Bees' Brilliance from New Zealand.


  • Tested and Certified as 100% Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey
    • Activity Rating 100+ MG. Which is a maintenance grade honey (for those with a weakened immune system) and should be taken everyday to help keep your immune system topped up
    • MG (Methylglyoxal) is derived from DHA which occurs naturally in the nectar of the Manuka bush
    • MG in Manuka honey displays antimicrobial properties that can be related to the killing of some bacteria


    Nelson Honey Manuka Honey is renowned for its distinct flavour and special aroma. It contains independently tested levels of Methylglyoxal. The 100+ icon on the label indicates a minimum of 100mg/kg of methylglyoxal (MG), the key marker that best demonstrates the quality and purity of genuine manuka honey.



    Nelson Honey Manuka Honey is renowned for its quality and purity and distinct flavour, produced by bees in the remote bush country of New Zealand. Wholesome and pure, just as nature intended, and crafted to perfection. 

    Our new Manuka honey standards are part of a new testing procedure where every batch of Manuka honey that goes through our factory is independently tested for its quality.  Our 100+ variety is independently tested for Methylglyoxal, C4 Carbon Sugars, HMF and Pollen Count. Visit www.nelsonhoney.com/batchtrack – enter your unique batch code (at the bottom left side of the label), to check the batch and see the quality for yourself.

    As leading pioneers, we guarantee our Manuka honey is authentic, the best of nature & free of chemicals.

    Store in a cool place below 18 degrees.

    Honey is not suitable for children under 12 months

    Available in convenient 250g and 500g sizes.


     Our higher grades can be found here:

    The 200+ and the 300+ grades our highest grades with many more medicinal uses.

    Go to 200+

    Go to 300+


    Customer Reviews


    Star Rating 5
    My wife and I have been using Nelson Active Manuka honey for about 3 years. We take one teaspoon every morning throughout the year. Not only would I recommend the product but I would also recommend this friendly supplier. From TP Thirsk, North Yorks.



    Item: 100+ Manuka Honey
    Size: 500gms
    Price: £29.99

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    Item: 100+ Manuka Honey
    Size: 250gms
    Price: £16.99

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