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Nectar Balm 60ml 


Many of us are restricted from doing the things we enjoy, whether it be walking, golfing, gardening or simply as the winter sets in, the damp, colder weather tends to stimulate those "all too common" aches and pains. Now is the time to apply Nectar Balm to help alleviate those niggling pains and get on with what you enjoy.


A topical application, Nectar Balm has been developed for external use on aches, joint pains and bruises. It has a fine, soft texture and is able to be gently massaged into tender areas that may be swollen due to sprains and strains or bruising as well as an arthritic joint. A combination of Nectar Ease and essential cold-pressed oils, Nectar Balm is rapidly absorbed into the skin for rapid pain relief.


Initially there was a demand for a topical cream for people who are diabetic or taking medication that excluded them from enjoying the benefits of Manuka Ease. The actual market is much wider. Nectar Balm meets the needs of sports people and those in active occupations that make demands on the muscles, joints and ligaments. It is widely used by people who have very localised arthritic pain and those who occasionally experience "break through" pain, a common occurrence with many arthritic patients. It is a product that should be in everybody’s medicine cabinets.

The top quality cream will not dry the skin but rather keep it moist and acts like a deep heat. A little goes a long way, making Nectar Balm a very economical and pleasant way to ease pain.

Whether it’s a pulled a muscle, tendonitis, repetitive strain injury, or you have overdone it at the gym, on the dance floor or in the garden; or they just ache from a bad night’s sleep - reach for Nectar Balm - a bee venom and Manuka honey cream that delivers fast and effective relief.

A 60ml tube of Nectar Balm is a ‘must have’ and an essential part of any first-aid kit. The cream is soft and smooth in texture and is easily absorbed: a welcome benefit when massaging tender areas swollen due to sprains, strains, bruising or aching and stiff because of arthritis. Remarkably, it can also relieve the pain of a headache, when applied to the temples or the back of the neck!

Customer Reviews

2 customer reviews
Star Rating 5
This keeps me playing golf right through the winter, a must for my bag!

Star Rating 4
This Nectar balm certainly eases my arthritis in my hands.

Item: Nectar Balm 60ml
Size: 1087
Price: £14.99

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